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raq, a GAP System package for Racks And Quandles

You can find a very brief overview of the raq package in the README.md file (which should be visible at the raq repository page), and detailed documentation in the manual (link to the manual will go here once it's ready). So this wiki will be for information that doesn't properly fit in either of those locations.

A start of a Frequently Asked Questions list (please let the authors know if you have a question you feel should be on this list):

  1. What are the primary differences between raq and the earlier package for manipulating racks in GAP, RIG?
  • First, the authors of raq want to recognize the enormous contribution of RIG (created by Leandro Vendramin and others) to the enterprise of computing with racks and quandles, and acknowledge that RIG was very much the inspiration for creating raq. The primary difference is that raq integrates one-sided quasigroups, racks, and quandles into the GAP type system in a way completely parallel to built-in algebraic sructures, such as groups. Thus, if you take the conjugation quandle of a group, GAP will remember and make clear which element in the group corresponds to each element in the quandle. Although internally a raq quandle may store the operation of a (finite) quandle as a list of permutations to speed various operations, raq quandles are bona fide GAP objects and so using them should feel mathematically more natural. Along the way we've done our best to speed up some routines and extend the scope of the package.