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further development on Teapot, a three-dimensional, function-oriented spreadsheet with iterative updates, written by Michael Haardt and Jörg Walter, from V 2.3.0 posted 2012 Feb 6.

Updated 1 month ago

A final (?) prototype for a refactor of mathjs, culminating the picomath, pocomath, typomath series. Provides an extensible core with "fuzzy" types for its operations, that can at any time generate exact .d.ts file for its current state.

Updated 3 months ago

C+-, a source transducer for C++ supporting less cluttered, lighter weight code

Updated 5 months ago

A little proof-of-concept for organizing mathjs by module inclusion, avoiding factory functions.

Updated 6 months ago

An extension of the mkdocs-simple-plugin that adds syntax for including content from other files

Updated 7 months ago

Proof of concepts for a PocoMath-adjacent approach to a possible math.ts (TypeScript analogue of mathjs)

Updated 9 months ago

Create Tablepress tables which summarize and display information from Pods

Updated 1 year ago

Proof-of-concept tiny package like mathjs with mutable "typed functions" and module-based dependency tracking/"tree-shaking"

Updated 1 year ago

polygon-arrangement trees

Updated 2 years ago

In support of comfortable stream-centric (and functional) programming

Updated 2 years ago

Examples from Spoofax "Stratego Tutorial/Reference" manual, worked in Spoofax Eclipse IDE.

Updated 2 years ago

The Spoofax helloworld language project, extended to the point of "compiling" the language to python

Updated 2 years ago

An app for Frappe framework that serves as an add-on to the ERPNext app to allow Justworks invoices to be loaded as Journal Entry documents into ERPNext.

Updated 3 years ago

Customizations and extras for MOFAD use of ERPNext

Updated 3 years ago

Constraint-based three-dimensional dynamic geometry

Updated 3 years ago