Some tweaks/issues/hacks on a version of CaRMtl (see
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This repository is a copy of CaRMetal 4.2.8 (see for tweaking and hacking on it. I created it because there did not seem to be a public code repository for CaRMetal, but there were a number of small projects I wanted to try on its codebase. My intention is to offer all of the changes pursued here back to the maintainers of CaRMetal, if they are receptive. Thus, this repository is not a fork or attempt to take over CaRMetal.

As such, I wasn't sure what name to give the repository; using exactly CaRMetal seemed presumptuous, but making it too different seemed too much like this was intended as an independent project. Hence, CaRMtl. (Also, it's an awful enough name to be clear that this couldn't be an independent project because if it were, I would surely pick a better name, like CaRWaX or something ;-)

Happy geometring, Glen.