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Update the README to reflect the current state of affairs.

Glen Whitney 2 years ago
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@ -20,26 +20,27 @@ This is a development version following release 2.3.0 of teapot (Table Editor An
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
The current release has the following features:
This current development version has the following features:
* curses based user interface with easy to understand menus
* FLTK 1.3 based GUI following common user interface conventions
* Cross-platform compatibility
* UTF-8 support
* portable sheet file format uses XDR or ASCII format
* portable ASCII sheet file format
* tbl, LaTeX, HTML, CSV or formatted text files can be generated and simple SC and WK1 sheets can be imported
* typed expression evaluator with the types int, float, string, error, pointer to cell and empty
* typed expression evaluator with the types int, bool, float, string, error, location of cell, keyword, expression, style, and empty
* iterative expressions
* powerful cell addressing
* three-dimensional sheets
* new expression evaluator functions can be added very easy
* new expression evaluator functions can be added very easily
* cell styles either set manually or computed based on the values in the sheet
* a user guide, available as PDF and HTML
* It is still a small and simple program!
teapot should work on any system which supports the following:
* An XDR library (included in the GNU C library, otherwise use )
* An XDR library (included in tirpc, otherwise use )
* For the text interface: SYSV curses or ncurses library
* For UTF-8 in the text interface: libncursesw and a UTF-8 locale
* For the FLTK interface: C++
@ -52,4 +53,3 @@ A GNU zipped tar file of the prior release V 2.3.0 is available from:
This development version is hosted at
For more information, read the included manual in HTML or PDF format.