In support of comfortable stream-centric (and functional) programming
Updated 2021-03-13 19:30:24 +00:00
C+-, a source transducer for C++ supporting less cluttered, lighter weight code
Updated 2022-12-28 17:13:05 +00:00
further development on Teapot, a three-dimensional, function-oriented spreadsheet with iterative updates, written by Michael Haardt and Jörg Walter, from V 2.3.0 posted 2012 Feb 6.
Updated 2023-07-26 05:23:15 +00:00
A working copy of the GAP loops library, which should become obsolete if an agreement can be reached on infrastructure for non-associative magmas to be shared between loops and RAQ
Updated 2019-09-14 01:58:51 +00:00
RAQ, a GAP System package for Racks And Quandles.
Updated 2019-09-14 02:02:28 +00:00
Some tweaks/issues/hacks on a version of CaRMtl (see
Updated 2019-09-14 04:30:14 +00:00
allow columns of a Tablepress table to be reordered/resized on the fly in the front end
Updated 2019-09-14 14:05:41 +00:00
Create Tablepress tables which summarize and display information from Pods
Updated 2022-03-28 23:11:10 +00:00
Constraint-based three-dimensional dynamic geometry
Updated 2024-07-18 22:01:54 +00:00
code to drive a light show on the edges of a small stellated dodecahedron, each with a Phillips Hue lightstrip embedded in it.
Updated 2019-10-02 15:34:18 +00:00
Customizations and extras for MOFAD use of ERPNext
Updated 2020-10-14 02:41:48 +00:00
An app for Frappe framework that serves as an add-on to the ERPNext app to allow Justworks invoices to be loaded as Journal Entry documents into ERPNext.
Updated 2020-11-23 00:28:14 +00:00
The Spoofax helloworld language project, extended to the point of "compiling" the language to python
Updated 2021-01-14 00:35:57 +00:00
Examples from Spoofax "Stratego Tutorial/Reference" manual, worked in Spoofax Eclipse IDE.
Updated 2021-02-04 00:25:17 +00:00
An extension of the mkdocs-simple-plugin that adds syntax for including content from other files
Updated 2022-11-09 20:53:01 +00:00
polygon-arrangement trees
Updated 2021-04-19 04:07:52 +00:00
Proof-of-concept tiny package like mathjs with mutable "typed functions" and module-based dependency tracking/"tree-shaking"
Updated 2022-03-25 21:46:27 +00:00
In support of comfortable stream-centric (and functional) programming
Updated 2023-06-13 17:43:48 +00:00
A little proof-of-concept for organizing mathjs by module inclusion, avoiding factory functions.
Updated 2023-08-16 00:39:07 +00:00
Proof of concepts for a PocoMath-adjacent approach to a possible math.ts (TypeScript analogue of mathjs)
Updated 2022-09-26 05:39:45 +00:00