further development on Teapot, a three-dimensional, function-oriented spreadsheet with iterative updates, written by Michael Haardt and Jörg Walter, from V 2.3.0 posted 2012 Feb 6.
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This is development version 2.3.0devel of teapot (Table Editor And Planner, Or: Teapot),
a spread sheet program for UNIX.
The changes compared to 2.3.0 are:
o Added examples updating the life simulation to illustrate the color and
computed style features.
o You can compute the styles for cells, with an additional expression per cell.
o New token types: style and bool.
o Comparison operators return bool rather than int (Note this can be a breaking
change; you may need to wrap comparisons in int() if you are using the result
in a numerical computation.)
o Foreground and background color style attributes for cells.
o Addition of a find() macro to search for a cell satisfying a condition.
o Addition of an is(VALUE, TYPE, TYPE,...) predicate
o Addition of functions for unit displacements in the six cardinal directions
(left, right, up, down, above, below)
o TPA is now the default file format
o Addition of hexact float format, which allow for exact round trips to ASCII
o New token type: funcall (which basically amounts to an expression). This
allows parsed rather than unparsed expressions to be stored in cells, and
allows macros which receive their arguments unevaluated.
o sum(), min(), and max() can now operate over their list of arguments as well
as over a block.
o Added floor(), ceil(), trunc(), and round() functions for finding integers
associated with doubles, eiminating (note possible breaking change) the
int conversion with two rounding directions.
o Precedence of unary "-" made lower than exponentiation "^" to match Python;
note possible breaking change.
o Evened out the depth of the attribute menu in console teapot.
o Relative and "Excel-style" addressing as well as absolute addressing.
o Bitwise logical functions on integers.
o Fill With operation for quickly filling the selected block with a single cell.
o Additional arithmetic operations on locations.
o Documentation better aligned with current behavior.
o Additional key commands for clocking/resetting the sheet.
Bug fixes:
o Occasional early coredumps of teapot have been eliminated.
o Phantom values resulting from clocking, resetting, and clocking again
have been eliminated.
Internal changes:
o Added pretty-printer for Token values in gdb.
o Compilation warnings with reasonably strict settings eliminated.
o tabouteq() should scale better with respect to the magnitude of the compared
o Funcall tokens print in infix notation.
o All operators are also available as built-in functions, to allow for
use in parsed expressions/funcall tokens.
o Function identifiers are now values in an enum, for easier use and debugging.
o style, cell, and token definitions moved into their own source files.
o Source code arranged into subdirectories.
The changes compared to 2.2.1 are:
o visual garbage fixed (curses version)
o made unquoted strings default, added "-q" flag to turn quotes back on
o made attributes menu more user friendly: no more question when changing a single cell, one menu option optimized away
o added "-H" command line flag to hide row/column headers; in FLTK, this means you can only change sheets via Ctrl-Shift-PgUp/PgDn
o expanded command line help
The changes compared to 2.2.0 are:
o Help system improved
o Compile fix for MacOS
o Link shared by default. Set option ENABLE_STATIC to statically link FLTK.
o Bugfixes for CSV export
o Bugfixes for console mode
o Added font styles bold and underline
The changes compared to 2.1.0 are:
o UTF-8 support for curses frontend
o various bug fixes
The changes compared to 2.0.2 are:
o switched to CMake as build system
o Win32 compatibility
o usage improvements in the GUI version
o various bug fixes
The changes compared to 2.0.1 are:
o Low-resource builds (leaving out the help system)
o various bug fixes
The changes compared to 2.0 are:
o Fix a possible crash and some minor bugs
o improve FLTK navigation and cell editing (moving around and
selecting cells now works while editing a formula)
o automatically start a string value when typing a letter
o fix build system
The changes compared to 1.09 are:
o Several bug fixes and changes how files are handled
o FLTK user interface
o Built-in Help and About screen (currently only in FLTK)
o License changed to GPL (see mbox file in doc folder for permission)
The changes compared to 1.07 are:
o Use KEY_HOME additional to KEY_BEG to move to the beginning of
the line in the line editor
A GNU zipped tar file is available from: