RAQ, a GAP System package for Racks And Quandles.
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raq, a GAP System package for Racks And Quandles.

  • Website: code.studioinfinity.org/raq/wiki
  • Repository: code.studioinfinity.org/raq

This package provides a variety of facilities for computing with one-sided quasigroups, racks, and quandles in GAP.

It uses no external binaries, so installation consists only of placing the raq file tree in a directory in your package search path, e.g. the pkg directory of your GAP installation, or perhaps the .gap/pkg subdirectory of your home directory.

Authors/maintainers of raq: Glen Whitney glen@studioinfinity.org

The authors of raq would like to acknowledge their debt to the creators of RIG, an earlier package for Racks in GAP; chaief among them is Leandro Vendramin. RIG was an inspiration for the creation of raq, and using and reading that package suggested many features needed in the development of raq.