code to drive a light show on the edges of a small stellated dodecahedron, each with a Phillips Hue lightstrip embedded in it.
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### firestar show based on the most symmetric five-coloring
### by John M. Sullivan
sfive = fivecs[0]
def somecolors(x, n=5, wh=False):
colors = []
for i in range(0,5):
if i < n:
elif i == n and wh:
return colors
jmscolorings1 = [
somecolors(0,0), somecolors(0,0,True),
somecolors(0,1), somecolors(0,1,True),
somecolors(0,2), somecolors(0,2,True),
somecolors(0,3), somecolors(0,3,True),
somecolors(0,4), somecolors(0,4,True),
jmssettings1 = [(fivecs[0], col) for col in jmscolorings1]
jmssettings1 = [thevoid]
for i in range (0,5):
jmssettings1.append(([sfive[i]], [white]))
jmssettings1.append(([sfive[i]], [black]))
jmssettings1.append(([sfive[i]], [vivid(fshue(i/5))]))
jmsshow1 = (jmssettings1,
Nframes = 60
jmscolorings2 = [somecolors(x/Nframes) for x in range(0,Nframes)]
jmssettings2 = [(fivecs[0], col) for col in jmscolorings2]
jmstimings2 = [(n,2,0) for n in range(0,Nframes)]
jmsshow2 = (jmssettings2, jmstimings2)